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Transparity® IMS - Sistema de Gestión de Intersección.

The Backpack Cabinet is the smallest cabinet in McCain's revolutionary ATC cabinet series which combines the best of rack mount and serial-based designs to meet the needs of today's LED intersections. ATC cabinets feature a modern design and advanced safety features that complement the operational capabilities of ATC controllers and aim to protect agency, personnel, and public interests. These unrivaled benefits include load current monitoring to detect a dark approach, no exposed AC power to reduce accidental contact with high voltages, and the ability to keep the intersection in flash while replacing the combo input/output (I/O) assembly.


• Save time, space, and money
• Beautify your city and free up more sidewalk space
• Configure and reconfigure to your needs through unique combo I/O slot
• Safeguard against accidental shock from inadvertent contact with high voltages
• Comply with leading standards on electrical safety, including NEC and NFPA 70E
• Boost driver safety with dark approach detection and continuous flasher monitoring

Product Description

The McCain Backpack Cabinet offers dynamic control capabilities in a compact cabinet design ideal for central business districts, school zones, downtown areas, and HAWK applications.

The Backpack Cabinet's combo I/O assembly offers unrivaled configuration flexibility through two fixed inputs, two fixed outputs, and two universal slots which can be used for either detector modules or switchpacks.

The single-door cabinet also features unique swing-out assemblies that provide easy access to field wires at the rear of the cabinet.

Small but mighty, the lightweight Backpack Cabinet can easily be pole or pedestal mounted without the need for a crane or lifting truck, saving both time and money.

Best of all, the cabinet's small size can free up sidewalk space in any community where space might otherwise be limited by a bulky cabinet footprint.


Standard Features

• Field output termination assembly provides removable contact blocks for easy connections to field signal wires, sockets for flash transfer relays (FTRs), and flash program blocks (FPBs) for output channels
• All channels are flashable and programmable
• FPBs control and select the color (red, yellow, or dark) during flash
• Hermetically sealed high-density FTR features an LED indicator to visually confirm relay is operational and contacts have transferred
• Interior LED cabinet light
• Model 2202 dual flasher/switch pack combination
• Exterior is continuously welded

Assemblies & Components

• Combo I/O assembly with:
• 2 fixed input slots (4 inputs per detection module)
• 2 fixed output slots (2 channels, 6 outputs per switchpack)
• 2 universal slots for either detection modules or switchpacks
• 2 or 4-channel industry standard detection modules
• Uses industry standard input components (i.e. loop amplifiers, PPB, EVP, etc.)
• 32-channel CMU
• CMU auxiliary display unit
• Model PS-2217 cabinet power supply
• Service assembly with clean AC and DC power
• Police panel with On/Off, MCE, Auto/Flash, and Interval Advance push button cable

General Specifications

Dimensions:                25" H x 16" W x 15" D (rounded to the nearest inch)

Material:                      5052-H32 aluminum, 0.125" thick

Finishes:                     Natural, anodized, or powder coated

Access:                       Front door (1)

Latching System:        Single-point, choice of Corbin or Best locks

Handles:                      T-handle lock with optional padlock feature

Door Stops:                 90° and 130° (±10°), bottom

Rack Assembly:          14" rack

Ventilation:                  Thermostatically controlled 60 CFM fan Louvered air intake in door, pleated filter

Mounting:                      Pole or pedestal mounted

Shipping Weight:          52 lbs without plug-ins or controller


• ATC Cabinet Test Display
• Mounting hardware

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